I Flirted With Women to Prove I’m a Man, Daddy Owen on being an Emotional Wreck

November 18, 2021

Gospel musician Daddy Owen, born Owen Mwatia, says he was an emotional wreck for a year following his separation from his ex-wife.

In a long post on social media, Owen said a time like this last year he got a revelation that changed his life forever.

“It was the beginning of an emotional roller coaster, something that messed up my mind. Looking back it’s something I still can’t explain.

“Through the whole year, I have been an emotional wreck! Living alone made it harder! Making me ask myself so many questions! Like am I a man enough? Am I poor or rich? Is all that necessary?” he wrote.

Daddy Owen said the mental mess he was in made him make questionable decisions, including flirting with people to feel like a man.

“The situation made me buy expensive unnecessary things just to prove to myself that I can! The situation made me travel far and book in hotels just to prove that I can!

“The mental mess made me flirt with people just to prove that am still a man!!… yes a man!!! Am I proud of it? NO! I felt terrible and horrible, and anything about me flirting or anything of that sort came from me being affected emotionally… had self doubts about myself! Did I apologise to the people concerned? YES! Did I Repent and ask GOD for forgiveness? YES!”

Daddy Owen also mentioned that he did not taste the “forbidden fruit”.

“Did I cross the line??🤔 Did I eat the fruit? (I know so many of u just want to know that part..) NO! I did not eat any apple .. am still using android!” Owen added.

The singer at the same time celebrated his achievements in the last year.

“I have touched and transformed lives through my humanitarian work and the greatest being building a Children’s home for kids born with disabilities. And another major milestone has been going back to the studio and coming up with an album and launching it!

“Am I a Saint? Am I holier than thou? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Does it mean am strong? NO! I believe am just guided and protected by the HOLY SPIRIT! Ofcos sin would want to pull u away but the more I pray and stay in the WORD the more the HOLY SPIRIT fights my battles.”


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