Submit to your Husband For a Better Marriage, Mercy Masika Advises

November 18, 2021

Celebrated praise and worship singer Mercy Masika shared nuggets of wisdom about marriage, saying that submitting to her husband has helped her marriage.

Masika, who has been married for 13 years, spoke about the importance of submission, admitting that she was initially against it when she got married.

Masika said she learned that submission is not oppression but rather about honouring and respecting your husband.

According to Masika, when she started submitting she became powerful.

“When I got married I was depressed at those manenos. I was like neeeveeer. Until when I learnt the wisdom of God is better than mine own.

“Submission is not oppression. It is honouring your hubby, it’s treating him with respect. I have so reaped the benefits of submission in my marriage that I learnt I am extremely powerful when I am submitted,” Masika wrote.

The singer further joked that; “To be continued on my YouTube channel before you stone me.”

Masika also noted that: “Submitting to your husband doesn’t make you less. It helps your marriage to do it God’s way.”

Last year, Masika shared similar sentiments while revealing the secret to her successful marriage.

“We fear God first and submit to one another. Wisdom is key; knowing when to keep quiet and when to talk.”

She added: “You can be so much in love and still divorce. People need to take time and study what marriage is before you enter into one. It’s not about love but wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

“It is not what we see on social media nice pictures, most of them you’re not sure if they’re happy or not. Vitu kwa ground ni different. If you enter marriage without a revelation, it doesn’t work.”

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