Good News as Kiambu Road is Set To Be Converted into a Dual Carriage

November 9, 2021

There is good news for Nairobi motorists, as the government announces plans to dual one of the last remaining arteries in the capital.

Regular users of Kiambu road always complain of never ending traffic jams, especially during rush hours.

For a while, it appeared as if this road was forgotten, even as all other major roads in Nairobi were widened. That is about to change.

“The State through KeNHA has proposed the development of Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road into a dual carriage,” KeNHA stated in an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, filed with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for approvals.

This is the first step in any road project. Kiambu road is an important gateway, not just to Kiambu town, but to numerous suburbs and estates along the route. In recent years, the road has itself become a destination, particularly when it comes to entertainment hubs and motor vehicle yards.

The road is also the main gateway to Two Rivers Mall, from Nairobi, which has certainly added to the traffic. There are however no timelines given on when construction will begin.

The dualling of Kiambu road will follow the dualling of Eastern and Northern bypasses, as well as the construction of the Western Bypass.

Together with the widening of the Bomas – Rongai road and Ngong road, the widening of Kiambu road will ensure that nearly all the major roads in Nairobi have at least 4 lanes within the next few years.

Perhaps after that we’ll see a lot more resources allocated to upgrading minor estate roads.

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