Boniface Mwangi To Eric Omondi: “You Have Shamed Your Baby Mama and Son”

November 3, 2021

On Tuesday night, Eric Omondi finally responded to accusations of being a deadbeat father.

He said that although he did have a sexual relationship with journalist Jacque Maribe, he is highly doubtful that the child is his biologically. His reason is that they used protection, and the mother of the boy has refused his son to have a DNA test taken.

Following the post, there were mixed reactions, some saying that Omondi should not have gone public but rather solve the matter privately, with others saying that it is within his right to conduct a DNA test.

Actress Christine Wawira wrote that Maribe should indeed grant a DNA test before demanding any child support. “You have every right to request a DNA test and she should comply if she wants you to support the child,” she said. “This is exactly what happens when you want child support. You have to prove to the court that the child is his through DNA testing. Idk how you guys do that in Kenya but that is standard procedure and also common sense.”

One person who was of the school of thought that Omondi should not have responded that way was Boniface Mwangi. He said that the comedian has shamed both his Baby Mama and the child.

Boniface added that since it was public knowledge that Omondi is the father, he should just roll with it.

“This isn’t cool @ericomondi. You have shamed your Baby Mama and your son. It’s been public knowledge that you’re the her baby daddy and you even admitted as much. So this whole story you’re bringing might even be true but the public didn’t need to know that much. It’s an honour to be a dad and @jacquemaribe chose you as her son’s father. Now your son, since as far as he knows you’re the daddy will be ridiculed shamed because you have somewhat denied him publicly. Not cool bro.,” he wrote.

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