Agnes Tirop: CCTV Video Captured Coldblooded Murder of Olympian

November 10, 2021

Detectives investigating the murder of Olympian Agnes Tirop believe they have an airtight case against her husband Ibrahim Rotich after analysing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage from the crime scene.

Keiyo North sub-county DCIO Andolo Munga said the footage shows Tirop was killed on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 in the afternoon.

The athlete was then found dead on Wednesday, October 13, inside her bedroom. Post-mortem results showed that she suffered concussions and cuts to her head as well as several stabs to the neck.

Keiyo DCIO Mr Andolo said Tirop’s husband, Ibrahim Rotich, was placed at the scene of the murder by the CCTV footage.

“The CCTV footage is self-explanatory and positive after forensic analysis. It has all the evidence of the scene and the actual act. We believe we have an airtight case and we are good to go with the prosecution,” said the detective.

“The footage has become very crucial in this matter and it has shown us exactly what happened and how it was conducted. The investigation is on reverse and forward aspects.”

Mr. Andolo also disclosed that they are examining a confession note left behind by the prime suspect.

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In the note, Rotich reportedly owned up to the murder saying their relationship was troubled and he decided to prematurely end the athlete’s life.

Ibrahim Rotich at the Iten Law Courts on November 9, 2021.

“The confession note is also being subjected to forensic analysis. The public will know in due course because all the evidence will be adduced in court,” Andolo stated.

“We have released the two other suspects whom we had arrested with Mr. Rotich and they are now state witnesses. They are valuable to the case when they are witnesses unlike if they are charged.”

At the same time, a club(rungu) and a knife, which are believed to be murder weapons, are still undergoing forensic analysis.

“The murder weapons are blood-stained and they are being subjected to more analysis. We need a water-tight case that is why nothing is being left to chance,” said the detective.

Munga termed the crime as pure murder saying it was clear the suspect had intentions to kill his estranged lover and toxicological analysis might also give them a clue into the murder.

Meanwhile, a court on Tuesday ordered the suspect to undergo a mental health test before entering a plea, which was scheduled for November 16

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