“Proper Scottish Welcome..” This is What The Guy on Unchartered Trailer is Actually Saying

October 24, 2021

proper scottish welcomeIf you watched the Unchartered trailer and didn’t understand a word the big Scottish guy said, you are not alone.

Towards the end of the trailer, the big guy surprises Nathan Drake (Tom Holland), then quickly mumbles some words before ending with “a proper Scottish welcome.”

Holland’s reaction is all of us. “What?” he asks.

We tried to rewind the video many times, but still could not understand a word. However, some guys on social media with better ears discerned what is actually being said.

Are you ready?

“You shouldn’t have come out to play with the big boys wee yin (little one) coz you’re about to get a proper Scottish welcome!”

Mystery solved.

Watch that part from around the 2:00 minute.

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