REVEALED: This is How Much Terence Creative Spent on Viral ‘Wash Wash’ Skit

October 6, 2021

YouTube content creator Lawrence Macharia alias Terence Creative undoubtedly goes the extra mile to produce his skits, and that includes spending a good dime.

The comedian splashed over Sh100,000 on his latest ‘Wash Wash’ skit that has been the talk of the town for weeks now.

In one month since Terence released part 1 of the comical skit, it has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube.

Part 2, released just two weeks ago, has been viewed more than 1.19 million times.

Terence said the now-trending ‘Kemikal’ skit was among the most expensive.

His wife, Milly Chebby, disclosed that the Sh100,000 amount catered for everything in production including the crew, makeup, and the location.

“We used 100K plus for the entire video. The money was used on everything including the crew and the location,” Milly said.

Terence added that some skits cost up to Sh500,000.

“Skits are expensive to produce. We are talking about Sh100,000 or more. Some skits go over Sh500,000. Let’s say you need to hire a good Range Rover or flashy Mercedes Benz, that’s Sh25,000 a day and you probably need it for three days. Then the house at Sh50,000 a day plus production cost and other miscellaneous expenses. It goes over the half-a-million mark,” he said.

With such huge costs on production, what’s the Return on Investment?

Terence says he can’t tell if he has made returns or not, but there is one thing he is sure about; that he has invested well in his brand to make it stand out.

“I never think of returns first. I think of how the concept at hand will work first for the brand,” he said.

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