Ben Githae Insists He Did Not Mislead Kenyans With ‘Tano Tena’ Song

October 21, 2021

The popular vernacular musician Ben Githae says he is not to blame for the failures of the government after he campaigned for the ruling Jubilee Party in the 2017 General Election.

The gospel musician is often given the stick by a section of Kenyans over his song titled ‘Tano Tena’ that is believed to have influenced voters to elect President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ben Githae says ‘Tano Tena’ was a product of divine inspiration and he is not to blame for the current problems that Kenyans are facing.

“Hata sometime wananitroll, wanasema wewe Githae ulitudanganya, hiyo conviction ambayo ilifanya nifanye wimbo iwatoe nyumbani ni kipawa kutoka kwa mungu,” he said on Mashujaa Day.

This comes weeks after he insisted that he did not mislead Kenyans as Uhuru was elected by more than 8 million Kenyans.

“The president was voted for by over 8 million Kenyans, the ones claiming my song guided their choice of candidates are lying. How can such a huge mass be influenced by a person of my stature,” he said.

Speaking on Citizen TV Wednesday, Ben Githae said he is yet to write a new song ahead of the 2022 Elections. He said he is waiting for direction and inspiration from God.

“Sahii nangojea mungu alete ile tunaita inspiration ama ufunuo, ili usifanye kitu waikatae,” the singer said.

“Naomba mungu atu atupe direction, wakati tu nitaenda kwa studio, ile kitu nitatoa, iwatoe nyumbani.”

Githae at the same time urged Kenyans to work hard and seek God’s guidance instead of shifting blame.

“Mimi ningewaomba wajifanyie kazi na waombe kibali kutoka kwa mungu,” he said.

“Wakienda kwa lawama, hata mtu atakataa kuoa aseme ni Ben Githae, mwingine atakataa kuoga aseme ati ni Ben Githae”.

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