Vera Sidika Reveals the Easiest Way to Lose a Good Man

September 28, 2021

Vera Sidika has disclosed the easiest way in which a woman can lose a good partner.

Taking to social media, Vera said asking for advice from your girlfriends is the surest way to a relationship ending.

The social media personality cautioned fellow women against sharing their relationship problems with their friends.

“Ladies, don’t tell your girls your relationship problems, please, please. If you are fighting your man, deal with him alone,” she advised.

“Don’t ask your girls for advice or what you should do. That’s the easiest way to lose a good man who just made an honest mistake or something reversible.”

According to Vera, not all friends are bad, but it’s better to ask for advice from a stranger as they would be genuine.

Speaking from experience, Vera said she dodged a bullet since most of her friends wanted her to marry a rich, old man.

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