Senator Kang’ata Threatens to Sue Media Houses Over Fake Sabina Joy Video

September 16, 2021

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata has pleaded his innocence following reports that he virtually attended Senate proceedings from Sabina Joy bar and brothel in Nairobi CBD.

The lawmaker discredited the now-viral video in which he was said to be at a bar during the Tuesday afternoon Senate session.

Indeed, Kang’ata showed up at the Chambers physically some minutes after Speaker Ken Lusaka barred him from making his statement virtually.

According to Kang’ata, his political opponents manipulated the video to include the claims that he was at Sabina Joy.

While addressing the Senate on Tuesday, Senator Kang’ata said he’s a teetotaler and that he felt insulted by the allegations.

“It appears that yesterday someone manipulated Senate proceedings and gave a false voice-over which inserted somebody purportedly saying that I was seated in a certain bar. Mr Speaker, for the record, yours truly has never touched any drop of beer, wine or any form of alcohol since the time yours truly was born.

“Yours truly has never smoked and has never taken any sort of drug and that is based on my strong religious upbringing and, therefore, anyone who wanted to show me in that light has insulted me personally and my religion as a Catholic faithful,” the Senator stated.

Kang’ata said the fake video defamed his character as a father and caused embarrassment to his family.

He asked the Speaker to summon four media houses that published the fake video.

“Today it is me, tomorrow it is another Senator and the dignity of this house will be impugned. Mr Speaker please seize this opportunity to call those editors to appear before the Powers and Privileges Committee of this house and take remedial actions because once they picked up that story, they gave it legitimacy. You have the power to punish those media houses.”

On his Twitter handle, Senator Kang’ata threatened to sue Citizen digital, Kameme FM and K24.

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