Man Kills Wife After Finding Her at Chang’aa Den in Siaya

September 14, 2021

A man is facing murder charges for beating his wife to death after finding her at a chang’aa den in Ugenya’s Jera village, Siaya county.

Kevin Onyango, 34, is said to have returned home on Saturday evening and found his wife, Emmaculate Mayavi, was not at home.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Onyango frantically looked for his wife and found her heavily intoxicated at the illicit liquor den.

In a fit of fury, Onyango descended on his wife with kicks and blows.

“An infuriated Onyango descended on her with kicks and blows further immobilizing his 42-year-old wife who could barely stand on her feet,” said the DCI.

The suspect then placed his wife in a wheelbarrow and carted her away back home, where she developed complications and succumbed to her injuries.

Onyango was detained at Sihay Police Station and processed for arraignment to answer to murder charges.

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