Juliani Tells Off Trolls Mocking His Looks

September 22, 2021

Juliani’s relationship with Lillian Ng’ang’a appears to have opened a can of worm, with the rapper having to contend with cyberbullies since going public about their love affair.

Th ‘Exponential Potential’ rapper recently faced off against a number of internet users after he uploaded a picture to his Instagram page.

One IG user indirectly mocked the rapper over his looks as she wrote: “Nimeamini love is blind.”

Juliani responded saying he felt sorry for the troll.

“I really feel sad for you. How small can you think yourself. That you wake up to a strangers comments to be seen. Before this post, no one here knew you existed. You are now seen. I pray you find healing in whatever inakusumbua. I pray you flourish in all you do,” wrote Juliani.

He went on: “You find love in your heart. You find Joy. Juu you must be really sad to truly put people down just to feel good about yourself.”

Another netizen wrote: “Huyu anakaa aje sasa”

To which Juliani said: “Like the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen. Deep into Christ. Intelligent. Courageous. Creative. Kind. Healthy.”

The Utawala hit-maker also spared some words to another troll who commented that: “Sura kupararaaa …ikipakwa mafuta inakauka tu.”

Juliani replied: “If I was to insult people on looks. Wewe na snow man mnavaa nguo same. Uzuri, Yo lucky I use the eyes of Christ. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Christ loves you just the way you are.”

The rapper also tagged multiple cyberbullies in one comment, writing: “I don’t usually do this. But I got a few minutes. I looked at you profiles. On a normal day, I wouldn’t even look at you twice. You can be better. Roho safi ndio urembo, filter haziezi fanya miracles.”

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