Clout Will Never Take You Anywhere, Jalang’o Tells Vincent Mboya Over Sh18,000 Donation

September 1, 2021

Kiss 100 presenter Jalang’o has blasted an aspiring artiste who gave him an ultimatum to collect his donation of Sh18,000.

Vincent Mboya had given Jalang’o 48 hours to collect the amount which the radio personality had given him to settle his rent arrears a fortnight ago.

When asked why he couldn’t wire the money directly to Jalang’o’s phone number, Mboya posed: “Ningejuaje ako na Fuliza?”

“Unajua unaeza tumia mtu pesa upate imekatwa na Fuliza. Kwanza yeye mwenyewe hakunitumia kwa Mpesa straight, he sent to the bank,” he added.

Jalang’o directed Mboya to send the funds, saying: “You have my number, send the money to me. I bet there is an M-Pesa shop in your hood. Deposit the money and send it. I did not give you cash.”

The radio personality further wondered how someone who had knelt before him pleading for help could turn out to be so ungrateful.

“He came genuinely asking for help. He even knelt, but I asked him not to. The same guy who knelt is asking me to collect the money within 48 hours. Some people request even Sh 500 to eat and it hurts me so much. How I wish you knew how many people have slept hungry,” Jalas said.

The comedian also apologised to Mboya if he felt belittled by his lecture telling him to work hard instead of begging.

“I told him carrying placards will not help him. Instead, I told him to look for a job and work extremely hard. If you think I belittled you I am sorry,” he said.

“I know what he was going through because I remembered my house being closed while living in Mwiki due to non-payment of rent,” he added.

Jalang’o further noted that he could have helped Mboya with his music career but the 22-year-old burned that bridge.

“Instead, he went clout chasing saying I had insulted him. I do not have the time to insult anyone. Someone is using him for clout. Clout will never take you anywhere, the secret is hard work,” he said.

But Mboya denied that he is chasing clout saying he just heeded what Jalang’o told him.

“He told me to go and work hard. How would he know that I haven’t worked hard?” He posed.

Mboya revealed that he got an endorsement deal that has allowed him to get back on his feet.

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