14 Hand Sanitizer Brands Suspended Over Quality Standards

September 23, 2021

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has flagged  14 brands of hand sanitizers for failing to meet quality requirements.

In a statement to newsrooms on Wednesday, KEBS said it collected and assessed 47 sanitizer brands in a recently conducted surveillance.

33 of them, representing 70% of the brands, met the requirements while 14 failed the quality check.

The State agency ordered a recall of the 14 brands from the market until they comply with necessary standards.

“The manufacturers in the list are instructed to recall all affected hand sanitizer brands batches from the market. In addition, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to verify with KEBS that the other batches are compliant,” read the statement.

“They are to institute effective corrective actions whose effectiveness shall be confirmed by KEBS before resumption of production and placement of the brands in the market.”

KEBS further stated: “This is not a ban of the hand sanitizer brands but a temporary suspension until the products comply with the Kenya Standard.”

The 14 non-compliant hand sanitizer brands and their manufacturers are:

  1. Shoka (Trident M. Limited)
  2. BlueKing (Blue Bubble Homecare)
  3. Jet (Kamili Packers Ltd)
  4. Kayda Care (Kayda Company Ltd)
  5. Apocan (Apocan Enterprises)
  6. Mychoice (Hanse Impex Ltd)
  7. Safe Touch (Brussels Laboratories)
  8. Afya (Diamond Industries Ltd)
  9. Labcare (Laboratory and allied Ltd)
  10. Aroma (Lusaki Ltd)
  11. Clear Hands (Syner-Chemie Ltd)
  12. Comely (Comely E.A Ltd)
  13. Germshild (Interconsumer Products Ltd)
  14. Sari (Nia Cosmetics Ltd)

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