Nameless Addresses Claims of Fighting With Wahu in Shopping Mall

August 3, 2021

Hitmaker David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, says fighting with Wahu is a normal occurrence.

This was in response to claims made on Facebook that he was seen fighting with Wahu in a shopping mall.

“We even fight in the car and the house. We just fight respectfully and make up purposefully to keep growing and moving on regardless,” Nameless said.

He added: “We are a team and even teammates have differences. We do argue and our kids know that at times mum and dad are not in agreement.”

On music, Nameless said fans should expect some new songs.

“We are releasing an album soon. Our mission was finally we can work together. Corona is very confusing but the target is to have the album released by the end of the year. Before then, we will be releasing singles.”

Meanwhile, Nameless says doctors advised him to keep fit and he has since hit the gym. He said he stopped working out after he fell sick in 2017.

“I have become very unfit, especially now there have not been major performances since Covid-19 hit the country,” he said.

“I recently went for a checkup and the doctors said I have to find a way to go back and start working out.”

Nameless is in his second week of working out.

“I am trying to see if I will make it a lifestyle thing. My wife has been encouraging me to join her but I have to find something I can enjoy like cycling, boxing and swimming.”

“The doctors said I need to work on the cholesterol as diseases like diabetes could hit. If you start early, you can prevent that. I have to also try and do away with sugar. Keeping fit is good and I also want to look good as a bonus, though.”


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