Student Takes Mother’s Cockerel to School For Fees

August 3, 2021

A student at Holy Trinity High school Saboti in Trans Nzoia county took a chicken to school to cater for his school fees.

Mathews Simiyu, a Form Two student was sent home by the school’s administration over school fees arrears amounting to Ksh34,000.

Simiyu said the school told him to bring anything that can help clear his school fees after failing to pay anything for more than one year. The learner said he was forced to bring a cockerel as there was nothing he could take to the school.

“When I arrived my school head asked me to bring anything to cater for my education and had no option but to bring my mother’s cockerel for the fees,” Simiyu told K24.

The student said his mother’s cock was equated to Ksh1000, leaving him with a balance of Ksh33,000.

“After delivering the cock, I’m now left with ksh33000 school balance to clear for this year,” Simiyu said.

In addition to the school fees, Simiyu said he lacks other necessities such as school uniforms and books.

“I currently rely on my fellow students for their used uniforms but I’m focused to achieve my academic goals so as to help my mother and family in the future,” he said.

His teachers led by the class teacher Amos Elima said they have tried their best to help him but the school fees arrears were pulling him down.

“This is a bright student who is indeed needy. He could not afford even the requirements for his admission to this school,” Amos said.

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