Lillian Muli: My Ex Would Show Me Off For his Gain

August 26, 2021

Media personality Lillian Muli recently opened up on matters of dating and relationships, disclosing that her ex used her fame for his gain.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Muthoni Mukiri, the Citizen TV news anchor said the ex, whom she did not name, always showed her off.

Lillian said she initially thought that the man was proud of her before she realised that he was using her.

“Most of you know him, he would publicly display me out there coz they know what they are getting from that,” she said.

“At first, I thought this person liked being pictured with me in public places because they liked and maybe they were proud of me, but eventually, I found out it was adding to his benefits for one or two reasons,” Muli added.

“He always advertising me out there. Alikua tu ananianika huko nje.”

The man is of course thought to be Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton, whom Muli once labelled as a community husband.

The news presenter also disclosed that she has a habit of trusting the person she dates too much. Muli also noted that it is easy for women to fall for a married man because they usually claim they are separated from the wife.

Speaking from experience, Muli said: “They ghost you, you can’t call them but they can call you whenever they want? I like to have a friend before a lover.

“I have a habit of: If you are in my life, it’s all about you. Something I have done wrong is talking too much about personal details about my life with someone you think you trust,” she said.

Muli added: “There are some personal details I think you should protect, especially when you have red flags.”

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