JB Masanduku Hoping to Welcome Baby this December

August 18, 2021

Stand-up comedian JB Masanduku and his partner Jackie Karanja are reportedly expecting a child later this year.

The pair has been together since 2018, with JB Masanduku settling Karanja’s dowry in 2019.

The comedian says Karanja is three months pregnant with their second child.

“We are expecting a baby with Jackie. She is three months pregnant and so hopefully in December, we will welcome our baby,” he told Word Is.

JB Masanduku also noted that Ms Karanja has already met his ex-wife Tina Kaggia.

“She met Tina as well and things are good,” said Masanduku.

He also mentioned that they are all on good terms after JB had earlier complained that Tina was denying his access to their two children.

Tina Kaggia’s No-nonsense Response after JB Masanduku Asked to See their Children

“Life has been good. I am grateful since I have been able to meet my baby mama and I will be meeting her mum so we can agree on how I will be accessing my kids,” he said.

JB also said he has gone back to acting and taken the role of his father on ‘Vioja Mahakamani’.

“My dad was buried in on the 7th of August in 1998 and to honour him, I decided to take his role on the show.”

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