The Kenyan socialite Risper Faith says women should be financially independent and should not have to depend on a man.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the former reality TV star said finances is one of the many reasons why most couples break up.

As such, Risper Faith advises couples to be transparent with each other about finances. She said women should find a way to earn money even if they are married to a wealthy man.

“Women, find something to do, even if you are married to a wealthy man. If you don’t have the money, come up with a business idea and ask your man to support you,” she said.

Adding: “You don’t have to nag your man over small things such as pampers, salt, etc. My advice is for couples to split bills. It can be 50/50 or 70/30.

“If, for example, there is no food shopping at home, the little I get from my business I take the car, go and shop and cook. When your man comes home he won’t even notice.”

Risper said her husband Brian takes care of the big bills while she handles the small ones.

“The little money I have I use to buy small things at home, I take care of the small things and the man takes care of the big bills.

“Before you go into a marriage sit down and agree who will be paying what bills,” she advises.

On his part, Brian said he would not be together with Risper if she was fully dependent on him.

“I would have dated you but maybe dropped you along the way. But I have seen how hard you work,” he said.

He also advised married men to keep married men as friends.

“When you are a husband and you have single friends they don’t understand our struggles. We have single friends but it’s because they understand us.”