I’m Going for Sh850K Surgery, Risper Faith Brags After Being Told She’s ‘Sponsored’ by Mother in Law

August 20, 2021

The social media personality Risper Faith went on a heated online rant after one of her followers claimed that her lavish lifestyle is bankrolled by her mother-in-law.

In an Insta-live, the IG user identified as @shootmyshot3 also claimed that Risper Faith’s husband, Brian Njunge, failed in the US. The internet user also intimated that Brian and Risper are dependent on his mother.

“You are lying. Today let me tell the world. Brayo failed in the States. His friends even know this….Your mom-in-law is everything. Wacha kuchezea watu,” wrote the fan.

The comment seemingly hit a nerve as Risper Faith exploded in a rant saying she was unfazed by the claims because worse things have been said about her.

The former ‘Nairobi Diaries’ reality TV star mentioned that her nudes are all over the internet and hence, she doesn’t care about the claims.

“We are living our best life. We have our businesses, our family. You talk and at night you sleep in your bedsitters as we sleep in our mansions on a six by six bed. I am sorry but your hateful comments won’t stop me. I am from the village and I came to Nairobi to work hard and live a good life, so hata ukiongea trash nishaongelewa,” said Risper.

She added: ”Hata Nudes zangu ziko online and they did not hinder me from getting a husband. So I don’t really care. My ‘cookie’ is in public and you think you can scare me with your words, no. I have been there.”

Risper went on to brag that she is set to undergo gastric bypass surgery at a cost of Sh850,000. She said Brian will pay for the operation and that there’s no problem if his mother contributes.

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”I am past that life. I am happily married, I get what I want. In fact, I am going for gastric bypass surgery and he will pay for me. It’s gonna cost 850k and he will pay for me. Akichangiwa na mama yake, so what is the problem, as long as I get what I want. Niliingia Nairobi 2010.

“If your parents didn’t work hard to support you, I am very sorry. You said my husband has kids in Atlanta as if I can’t travel there, another one tried bringing a baby to him. You want him by force but you are not getting him. I have used a charm on him. He is mine forever and I am not leaving him. Only death will separate us.” Risper declared.

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