The Day Janet Mbugua Screamed at a Celebrity

August 20, 2021

Media personality Janet Mbugua recently opened up about a little-known story about the most desperate thing she has ever done to get someone’s attention.

Speaking with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange for a show on YouTube, the former news anchor said she once screamed at a celebrity boyband during her early 20s.

At the time, Janet was studying in Malaysia when she bumped into the American group Boyz II Men in the streets.

There was this time in Malaysia…it was shortly after the tsunami but I went there for university…and three days in, there was a benefit concert and all these celebrities were in town. I was a young college student with my friends and so Boyz II Men were walking past and we screamed like crazy to the point where we had the press’s attention because we needed their (Boyz II Men) attention. We were like it’s Boyz II Men and we will never see them again,” she narrated.

Janet told Jeff that she was the leader of the screaming party, and they did manage to get autographs from four-time Grammy winners.

That was the one thing I remember because we were almost climbing over the rails trying to scream their name and I was leading the chants so maybe the craziest thing I’ve done is scream after a celebrity and eventually, they came back and we had a chat and signed autographs and that was that,” Janet recounted.

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