How I Became Head of Thomson Reuter’s Team Across 17 Countries at Age 33

August 9, 2021

Lenin Sembo Oyuga is the Oracle Corporation’s Director and Business Leader for the Telecommunications Industry in Africa.

Oyuga spoke to about his journey to becoming a Global Technology, Strategy & Business Leader.


Having a family and taking ownership is my most remarkable milestone. In my family, I found my ‘why’ in life. Having a family, wife, and son has been a big eye-opener on recalibrating my purpose and finding the balance. Never forget your ‘WHY in your journey. 

One of my other remarkable moments was heading the business and team for Thomson Reuters across 17 countries at the young age of 33. I also got to sit in the Africa leadership. I had been leading the public sector business across Africa when this leadership opportunity presented itself. I understood the African market and invested in people, and this translated into profit.

I am intentional with every aspect of my career growth. It began with self-discovery. I had to understand who I am, my strengths, spikes, and barriers. I also had to get myself a tribe of mentors, who I refer to as my PBOD (Personal Board of Directors). I am a product of mentorship and guidance. I also wrote my goals, plans, and ambitions down. Writing it down is the first commitment one makes towards a goal. About ten years ago, I tried this model out; I decided to look at myself as a company. I was in need of perspective, guidance, challenge, and growth. I needed to grow from my techie expertise to commercial leadership.

I am on a continuous learning and growth journey. As such, I think there is no magic secret to making it or progressing in any venture. Definition of making it may vary from person to person. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do about it. Be aware of your strengths as it’s a key area of personal improvement; always remember learning is a continuous process. Get in the action! 

Brand yourself, network; build your self-worth in the process, and be authentic. Lastly, you must put in the work.

I once bought some stock just because I had a feeling they would skyrocket. They did at some point, and I stayed put. Then they dipped, and I had to pick my losses. I learnt the essence of having an investment plan and sticking to it. It is prudent to seek expert advice on the dos and don’ts. Counting your losses is also part of the journey. It presents an opportunity to learn. With finances, diversification is essential. Invest in what you know.

I always record my expenses. This helps me figure out and keep track of what I spend over time. There are many tools for this; I use the home budget app. With a clear idea of my spending, I organise the expenses into a workable budget. I am still learning the saving culture. My wife is my personal finance coach. We set savings goals over time and try to achieve them, and while at it, look for ways to cut on spending. 

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