Governor Waiguru a No-Show For NYS Graft Case Hearing

August 6, 2021

Kirinyanga Governor Anne Waiguru was a no-show during the hearing of the Sh791 million NYS case.

Waiguru was set to testify against former PS Peter Mangiti and 23 others on Thursday and Friday but the court was informed that she was indisposed.

The court heard that Waiguru was unavailable due to official engagements, with the prosecution asking for an adjournment until when the governor will be available to testify.

But the defense opposed the adjournment of the case arguing that when Waiguru was in court in May this year she was well aware that she was supposed to take the stand this week.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi allowed the adjournment to September 1.

He noted that he was on transfer but would try to conclude the case before he leaves for Nyeri in October.

“In that regard, I can’t say I want to conclude this case before I move to Nyeri, otherwise I will have to leave the case at the point I have reached and proceed for transfer,” he said.

The prosecution and the defense told Andayi that they wanted him to hear and conclude the matter before he proceeds on transfer.

Magistrate Andayi appreciated how they have been able to proceed with the case thus far.

He noted the complexity of the matter which has 26 accused persons and 16 lawyers.

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