DCI Arrests 4 Cops Who Transferred Sh1030 From Curfew Violator’s M-Pesa Wallet

August 19, 2021

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives in Ruiru, Kiambu county have arrested four police officers accused of robbing a man they had arrested for allegedly breaking the curfew.

Constables Thomas Okuku, Lawrence Mbau, James Munyoki and Dan Keya were accused of robbery with violence. They allegedly conspired to steal Sh1,030 from a curfew violator.

The victim recounted his ordeal on social media, saying one of the officers on patrol robbed him of his money after arresting him for violating the 10 pm-4 am curfew on Thursday, August 12.

He said the armed officer handcuffed him and asked him for his M-Pesa PIN and went ahead to transfer Sh1,030 to another mobile wallet registered under the name Martin Ndichu Kamau. He was then allowed to go home.

The victim said after the officer wired the money to another mobile number, his attempts to reverse the transaction were unsuccessful as the receiver of the funds had already withdrawn the money.

“Sh1,030 might appear little to some people, but to my family, it was a meal, shelter, security and assurance of a better day ahead,” said the victim on social media.

DCI detectives took up the matter and obtained the victim’s money transfer records from Safaricom.

“Upon scrutiny of the data, the following police officers were arrested at Ruiru Police Station for robbery with violence: Thomas Okuku, Lawrence Mbau, James Munyoki and Dan Kenya,” says a police report filed at the Ruiru Police Station under the OB Number 71/17/8/2021.

In addition to the four cops, detectives also arrested Charles Muteria; an M-Pesa shop owner, and Bosco Ereng; Muteria’s employee.

“Muteria and Ereng are assisting police in the investigation,” said the report.

Detectives will be seeking to hold them for five working days to complete the probe before they can be formally charged.

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