‘Ambia Serikali’… Eric Omondi Tells Off Musician Seeking a Sponsor

August 24, 2021

An upcoming Kenyan musician who left tongues wagging after looking for a sugar mummy in the streets of Nairobi is back again.

Earlier this month, the artiste known as Magbee254 Msanii, was spotted at the National Archives with a placard announcing his search for a rich, older woman with a big behind and a big car.

“I am broke. The economy is bad. I need to pay rent, electricity, and Wi-Fi. I have a job, but the money is not enough. I also need to do a video shoot, and one video costs Sh 25,000,” he lamented.

Nearly three weeks later, Magbee has returned to the streets to announce that his search for a sponsor has not been successful.

In his new placard, the musician also accused comedian Eric Omondi of failing to fulfill his pledge of helping him. Apparently, the comedian had promised to produce his music through the Eric Omondi Studio.

Magbee further reached out to other media personalities for help.

“Kamene Goro, Mwalimu Rachel, Maina, and Kingangi, I need your help,” the placard reads.

Eric Omondi responded to the new placard on his socials, telling Magbee to seek help from the government. The comedian also noted that his production company was closed down due to an ongoing court case.

“Kwani ni by force????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️…Sisi hata Studio zetu ziko na Kesi Kortini na zilifungwa. Wewe Ambia Serikali ikupatie kazi bwana,” Omondi wrote.

Magbee responded saying Eric should have told him instead of taking him for a ride.

“@ericomondi badala mungenizungusha mungeniambia kitambo studio ilifungwa…. we’ve been talking from May…all that time…. kuweni serious,” he blasted.

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