VIDEO: Boda Boda Accident Caught on Dash Cam

July 8, 2021

As more motorists on Kenyan roads install dash cams in their cars, we are getting more and more footage of the drama that happens on our roads.

Yesterday one of these dash cams capture the moment a traffic officer’s mobile phone was snatched by boda boda thieves along Thika Superhighway. The police went with their usual line of ‘manipulated video’, but they weren’t fooling anyone.

Another moment now caught on camera involves a boda boda and a private car. In a rare turn of events, it appears as if the car was the one in the wrong this time.

Instead of stopping at an intersection, the driver of the car goes straight on without looking for incoming. The result is the motorcyclist hitting the front door of the car, sending him flying and onto the ground.

It could have been worse, as the same car narrowly misses a second boda boda coming from the opposite direction.

Watch the clip.

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