Okiya Omtatah Deals Blow To Anne Kananu Swearing-in as Nairobi Governor

July 7, 2021

Anne Kananu will have to wait a while longer to be sworn in Governor of Nairobi county.

This after the Court of Appeal temporarily halted the swearing-in pending an appeal filed by activist Okiya Omtatah.

The activist said he obtained the orders to give ample time to the Court of Appeal to determine another suit. He noted that the matter risked being passed by events.

“(I filed the petition) to allow the Court of Appeal determine a pending appeal without the matter being overtaken by events,” explained Omtatah.

Court of Appeal Judges Wanjiru Karanja (presiding), Jessie Lessit and Justice Jamila Mohammed said the order will remain in force until October 22, when further directions will be issued.

Meanwhile, Kananu has since declared she will vie for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat next year.

“I will be vying in 2022. For those who think I am only here for a little while, I am telling them that I am here to stay. We shall face-off,” Kananu said.

“I am not a politician, and I will not start being one. I’m focused on bringing a new spirit of cooperation, collaboration, partnership and mutual respect with all organs of government. Nairobi is now back on course,” she added.

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