Man Charged After His Dogs Killed A Dik-dik

July 2, 2021

A herder based in Kajiado county was arraigned before Kibera court after his dogs killed a Dik-dik.

According to the charge sheet, the accused person Ladapash was in the company of others not before the court when he was found in possession of a five-kilo carcass of a dik-dik on June, 26, at about 7:30 pm at Saikeri location within Kajiado County.

On the said day, Ladapash was reportedly herding his employer’s goats when the dogs saw the dik-dik and hunted it down.

The accused said he tried to rescue the animal from his dogs but it was already dead. He then decided to cut the dik-dik into pieces to feed his dogs when officers from the Kenya Wildlife Services caught him.

Appearing before senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki, Ladapash denied the charges.

The court granted him Sh100,000 bond with alternative cash bail of Sh50,000.

The case will be mentioned on July 14.

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