Don’t Deny Each Other Sex Because It’s Sunday, says Pastor Sue Munene

July 19, 2021

Having sex on Sundays is allowed and it is in fact another way of obeying God, Pastor Sue Munene opines.

Munene and her pastor husband Joseph, who are renowned for openly discussing sexual matters, said those who deny their partners using excuses such as Sundays are holy, are mistaking responsibility for spirituality.

The couple’s message is a precursor to a book they have authored titled ‘Naked But Not Ashamed’ that is set to be launched soon.

Pastors Joseph and Sue Munene say they have been receiving several emails and messages from Kenyan couples who want to learn about the bedroom topic thus the book’s sub-title, ‘Promoting Healthy Sex in Marriage’.

“Some people even the clergy give funny excuses like saying they are serving the Lord or busy at their work places. If you value your partner, then you must create time for him or her and enjoy sex. That is what the word of God is telling us,” Sue said in an online session dubbed ‘Global Strong Families’.

She added: “Even me, why would I deny pastor Munene (husband) sex yet the word of God says I should not deny him…using the excuse that I’m serving the Lord and it is the same Lord who is admonishing through His word that I should not deny my husband sex.”

According to Sue, some individuals mistake responsibility with spirituality to an extent that they fear having sex on Sundays unaware that it is the same God who gave the ability for that purpose.

“It is important for the wife to obey the word of God…don’t refuse to have sex with each other because of such excuses,” she advised.

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