Diamond and his Mother Embarrassed Me Because I’m Poor, says Mzee Abdul

July 21, 2021

Mzee Abdul Juma, who was widely known as the father of Diamond Platnumz, has expressed disappointment over the manner in which the singer’s mother exposed the paternity issue to the public.

Speaking in an interview with Mbego TV, Mzee Abdul said his ex-wife Sandra Sanura embarrassed him publicly because he is a poor man.

“There is nothing bad like when you are broke, if I had financial muscle in that family, I don’t believe they would have put me on blast in that manner,” he said.

“They would have called me privately and stated the facts. It would have been done in private and respectfully. But the way they did it was very bad. Their wealth has given them pride and arrogance to do something like that.”

Asked if the issue affected how he feels about Diamond, Abdul said he does not blame the singer.

“The wealth has given her the pride to think she has it all. She doesn’t think that she will die one day. She looks at a mirror that makes her think she is young and youthful,” he said.

When asked if he would attend Diamond’s wedding if invited, Mzee Abdul said: “The worst thing would be if I’m not told about the ceremony, that would be very sad and tragic.

He added: “Because you can go and when you get to the gate, you are turned away or they let you in but say you are a sign of bad luck for showing up, as an unwanted presence.”

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