Why People in Kenya Prefer 22bet

June 16, 2021

After a year of the pandemic that brought about many sport competition postponements, it is now Euro and Copa America season; two of the world’s most prestigious international football competitions.

With such high profile events comes an incredible money-making opportunity for punters. There is an almost unlimited flow of games to put your money on.

But for this you need a good platform. One that is reliable and stands out from the growing number of options.

22bet is easily one of the best in the country.

Let’s look at why Kenyans are all trooping to it.

1. High odds: One of the most important aspects of sport betting is the odds offered by particular platforms. It is always a wise thing to shop around so as to maximize your return on investment.

Luckily for you, I have done that and I can unequivocally say that 22bet offers the best odds in almost every game. Comparing it to other local options sometimes presents you with dramatic differences that can quite make a difference if your bet wins.

Moreover, 22bet offers most of their options with 3 decimal places. Many sites leave it at 2, which can mean leaving money on the table.

2. A long list of sporting events: You know when it’s not football season but you’re broke and need some money? 22bet gives you a wide range of sports and sporting events to choose from. Many betting platforms stick to the main ones, like football and basketball, but on 22bet, you get an insane amount of sports. Some that you’ve never even heard of.

Here’s a list of some of them: Football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball table tennis, badminton, baseball, handball, darts, cricket, American football, futsal, athletics, bicycle racing, billiards, boxing, chess, floorball, formula 1, golf, gaelic football, horse racing, greyhound racing, kabaddi, martial arts, UFC etc.

3. Esports: That’s the word. How many betting platforms let you place your money on a Call of Duty or League of Legends winner? Frankly, not many, and even fewer operate in Kenya.

22bet allows you to capitalize on the fastest growing sport format in the world. There is big money to be made in the world of Esports, and if there was a time to get in, this is it. The site has a dedicated Esports section, with an almost daily buffet of games and competitions to bet on.

4. Mobile app: Betting should not be a thing confined to your computer. In fact, most punters prefer to make their selections on a mobile device these days. 22bet has a mobile-first approach, and have come up with incredibly functional and easy to use mobile apps.

These are available for both Android and iOS. On top of that, the mobile website is itself very well done and users will still have the same experience accessing the site on a mobile browser.

5. Tax transparency: As we all know, the Kenyan government imposed taxes on sports betting winnings some time back. It was a big deal but we now have to deal with it as law. Every betting site has to deduct 20% of your winnings to send over to the exchequer. That said, not all betting sites are transparent with this fact.

When loading your betting slip on 22bet, you will receive transparent information on your potential winnings and tax deductions that apply. That means no unpleasant surprises later.

6. Bonuses: Can a sport betting website really exist without bonuses? 22bet has by far the best offerings we have seen yet. As of this writing, they are offering a 100% welcome bonus on your deposit, up to Sh15,000. That means they are matching what you put in.

On top of this first time bonus, there are numerous other bonuses issued throughout your lifetime as a punter there. For instance, there is a Friday reload bonus of 100%. That means that they will double your money up to Sh12,000 every time you deposit on a Friday.

During this period of Euro, there is also a special bonus for that. You really can’t wish for anything better.

7. Many payment methods: Perhaps you have recently made big bank with your dogecoin or bitcoin. Or maybe you have money stuck on Skrill and Neteller. You’ll be happy to know that 22bet offers the widest range of payment methods for any betting website in Kenya. We’re talking close to 30 cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Neteller etc.

And this is of course on top of the tried and tested M-Pesa.

These options apply to both deposits and withdrawals.

So in a nutshell, those are 7 reasons why many Kenyans have decided that they are better off with 22bet.

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