Meet Artist and Repertoire Representative Lisa Ang’iro

June 7, 2021

Lisa Ang’iro is an Artist and Repertoire Representative(A&R Rep) who has worked with many Kenyan artists such as Avril, Timmy Tdat, Pascal Tokodi, King Kaka, etc.

Ms Ang’iro spoke to Saturday Magazine about her job and fun facts about herself.


A&R Reps are the people who find new artists and sign them to the label. It is not always fun and games as it seems. It takes a lot of work and dedication just like any other job. To succeed you need to put in work, maintain networks and be quick to offer solutions.

I was once asked what it is like to be a female A&R manager in Kenya. Well, the industry does not have a lot of us. It is growing and more females are coming on board in this male-dominated field.

If I were not an A&R, I would have been a journalist penning articles.

An accomplishment I am always proud of is planning and executing an event for a given artist that was successful. It gives me fulfillment.

I do not believe in love at first sight, but I do believe every day you make a choice to love someone.

The best date I ever had with my man was a very simple date. There was not much, he just took me out for a picnic and we had a great afternoon.

If I had a chance to be anyone for a whole day, I would just be me. It would be too hectic trying to figure it all out being someone else.

 If a genie granted me three wishes, one would be peace in the world. There is too much war and violence. The second will be funding artistes to help them realise their dreams. People have so many ideas but lack funding. Lastly, universal healthcare for everyone.

The most critical thing I want to achieve in life is to get to a level where someday I am involved in the execution of big events like ‘tomorrow land’ and get an opportunity to learn the intricacies of running such a huge festival.

My life’s philosophy is what is meant for you will always find you.

I try to keep tabs with my childhood friends. I have been fortunate enough to keep one to date.

A part of my past I would love to relive is the moment I saw my mother for the last time before she passed on. I had so much to tell her, but I did not take my chances.  I thought we would still have more time. I have carried this burden since.

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