Kahama Hotel to be Demolished for NMS Project

June 8, 2021

The govt has confirmed plans to demolish the iconic Kahama hotel near Ngara in Nairobi.

National Lands Commission (NLC) chair Gershom Otachi said the establishment owned by the family of the late billionaire James Mwangi Kirung’o alias Kahama will be brought down for the construction of a new public transport terminal.

The Kahama family is part of five landowners who are set to lose their land to the State for the construction of the Globe roundabout public transport terminal.

The govt will also acquire part of the land in Grogan area in Nairobi.

The NLC Chair said the govt would compensate the landowners.

The Globe roundabout bus terminal is part of the NMS’ plan to ease traffic congestion within the city. Other termini include Green park, Muthurwa, Fig Tree, Desai, Park road, Workshop road, and Bunyala road.

NMS has since conducted two test runs at the Green Park Terminal ahead of its launch.

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