How MPs Want To Immortalise Jakoyo Midiwo At New Parliament Building

June 24, 2021

Members of the National Assembly have revealed plans to honour the deceased former Gem MP Jakayo Midiwo.

The lawmakers proposed to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) to name one of the committee rooms of the new building in Parliament which will be housing MPs’ offices after Midiwo.

This, they said, would be in recognition of his outstanding performance as a legislator.

“Let Jakoyo be the first outstanding leader to be named after a facility in this Parliament, we can take Room Seven, cafeteria or a floor in the new building and name it after the late Midiwo,” said Aden Duale.

The Garissa Township MP added: “The PSC must recognise outstanding leaders by naming certain rooms and facilities after them so that these leaders are remembered and let Mr Midiwo be the first one. This is the practice in other jurisdictions.”

The lawmakers were eulogising the late Midiwo who died of a heart attack on June 14. They described him as a fearless, astute debater who had no political boundary while interacting with his colleagues in the House.

Minority Leader John Mbadi remembered talking to Midiwo just days before news of his death rocked the country.

‘On Friday I had a conversation with Midiwo and we agreed that we would meet on Sunday to discuss issues of ODM. I called him on Saturday but he didn’t pick up, something I found unusual but I did not read much into it,” he said.

“He is my mentor, friend and when I received the news of his death, I was devastated. He allowed me space to grow in politics and taught me about parliamentary procedures,” Mbadi added,

Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo also spoke to Midiwo on Friday, June 11 over the death of his sister.

“During his 15 years in this House, Jakoyo exuded a sense of brevity and (he was) a dedicated worker who ensured the people of Gem got what they deserved,” Odhiambo said.

National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya noted that unlike other MPs who would just come and sign and leave, the late Midiwo would stay in the House throughout.

Kimunya said the country has lost a great leader.

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