Child Abductor had Already Received Part of Ransom: Police Sources

June 9, 2021

More details have emerged on the dramatic arrest of a gardener accused of kidnapping 4-year-old Liam Ngucwa Mwangi.

Detectives arrested Charles King’ori alias Delvin Maina on Monday following a dramatic chase in the streets of Naivasha town.

According to police sources, after baby Liam went missing on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, King’ori traveled to his aunt’s residence in Naivasha Site Estate.

The suspect took baby Liam with him raising suspicion from his aunt who had not seen King’ori in ages.

King’ori told his aunt that he got married but later parted ways with his wife, leaving baby Liam in his custody. He asked his aunt to stay with the baby as he figured things out.

“The aunt did not suspect anything amiss until when an advertisement on the radio detailing a lost baby fitted the description by the announcer,” said an officer involved in the arrest.

Meanwhile, King’ori was demanding a Sh200,000 ransom from baby Liam’s parents. He had already received Sh40,000 when detectives nabbed him.

“He had managed to withdraw some cash before he was arrested on Monday afternoon,” said the officer.

Before the arrest, King’ori’s aunt took baby Liam to a police post based within Site estate.

“Accompanied by the husband, the two courageously walked into the police station together with the baby and reported the matter,” added the investigator.

Officers from Naivasha and Nairobi later laid an ambush and finally arrested the suspect.

Charles King’ori alias Delvin Maina was briefly held at the Naivasha Police Station before he was transferred to Nairobi.

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