Vera Sidika’s Ex, “I’m Happy if she’s Happy”

May 27, 2021

Vera Sidika’s ex-lover Jimmy Chansa says he does not regret dating the popular socialite.

Speaking about their relationship for the first time since they broke up, the Tanzanian was full of praise for Vera Sidika. He told Tanzanian publication Simulizi na Sauti that he was deeply in love with Vera.

“It was love, just like any other relationship,” he said.

Chansa described the proprietor of Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour as authentic with a loving personality despite her celebrity status.

“The person I was with was a socialite already, and that’s why our relationship was public. Social media pressure was normal but what made me stick with her was her good and loving personality. She is smart. I do not regret. It was good while it lasted,” Chansa said.

The medical practitioner said he is proud of their relationship and that he is happy if Vera Sidika is happy in her new love affair with Brown Mauzo.

“Once you are a socialite, social media is your business but she is real; she doesn’t fake anything. I’m proud of that. I am happy if she is happy,” he said.

While Chansa does not regret their love affair, Vera Sidika on the other hand described the relationship as toxic.

“Saddest thing about this relationship is that people thought he was the most innocent, decent person I have ever dated. I did until the real person unveiled. The things I went through and saw I have never been so shocked in my life. Out of all my relationships it was the most shocking one to me. Better the devil you know than the Angel you don’t know,” Vera Sidika said in March of this year.

“When same mistakes are repeated severally then it means it is a habit that will never change. It’s because of growth and maturity otherwise if I was to post the things I saw and went through y’all would have hated yourselves for thinking it was the best relationship. I had to end it faster. Woi! I’m so glad I ended it,” she said.

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