City Billionaire Caught up in Illuminati-style Rumors Denies Reports of Running a Secret Society

May 27, 2021
Martin Kimotho

Martin Kimotho, a City lawyer with Kimotho Mwangi and Co Advocates is one of the most prominent, monied and controversial City hotshots and one of the biggest members of what is quickly becoming a viral ‘Online Cult’ recruiting monied and aspiring business people into a web of indecipherable crypto labyrinth.

The somewhat hideous club, that seeks to pull millions into online crypto investments, is the brainchild of 51 Capital, the creators of Kenya’s premier bitcoin PessaCoin.

Dubbed Powered Up, the club is operating like a secret society, where only selected members are allowed in, various cryptocurrencies is being moved and hundreds more are waiting to join.

Martin, a flamboyant, flashy and brash City ‘Bazu’, is one of the club’s biggest names and one of Powered Up’s wealthiest clients.

Joe Kariuki

“It’s a closed society. You’re only allowed in by invitation. I had to personally wait for two weeks before I was approved. You will not believe some of the biggest political names there. I’m talking Governors, MPs, CEOs, everyone is angling to join. Think of it like the freemasons, or the Illuminati if at all that society even really exists, its like that, but online now, “Mr. Kimotho says with an evil laugh.

Joe Kariuki, the proprietor of the Powered Up club and also the CEO of 51 Capital, has been on the receiving end of the backlash from Kenyans accusing him of running an Illuminati-style club that has been converting people into instant millionaires and that many feel is rooted in secret, dark powers.

Writing in a local publication, Ruth Njeri, an online investigative writer, says that she has been trailing the activities of the Powered Up Arena innovation, it’s origins, activities and methods of operation and has so far unearthed some chilling information that she claims she will go public about in a week or so.

“Yes, it’s true, their Modus Operandi is pretty much like that of the infamous Illuminati club that has, over the years, been credited with making celebrities and people rich overnight. What’s shocking is the amount of people who are lining up to join the crypto community. I shall be spilling the beans soon. I know Kenyans are desperate for cash but this is truly astonishing, the number of people lining up to join is crazy, ” she says.

Kenyans on Facebook too have started blasting the Powered Up Arena club, terming it another hideous secret entity that may soon break families and permeate society.

A Powered Up spokesperson declined to comment further on the matter only saying, “The people in Powered Up are not complaining, they’re trading and making huge returns, why are people mad? Relax. This is like any other business. But not for everyone. We are very selective with our members. You’re free to apply to join, though. The results will speak for themselves, ”

As more and more Kenyans continue to line up in a bid to desperately join Powered Up, it shall only be soon proven what the whole brouhaha is all about.

Asked to comment on the insane crypto phenomena, Joe Kariuki only said,” Sisi tuko kazi Boss. Wacheni makelele mingi,”

Check out and, well, join if you’re that kind of person.

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