Prison Officer Kills Girlfriend and her One-year-old Son

May 21, 2021

Homicide detectives in Mwingi Central, Kitui County have opened a probe into the deaths of a woman and her son, who were allegedly gunned down by a prison officer.

According to a police report, David Nduati, an officer at the Waita GK Prison, killed his girlfriend Joyce Mwende Ngui, 30, and her son, Raji Mwende at his house within the correctional facility.

The duty officer at Waita GK Prisons, Bernard Mutisya, said he heard gunshots in the compound on Tuesday at around 11 pm.

Mutisya then ordered the guard commander to confirm whether all officers were at their respective watchtowers.

The guard commander established David Nduati Kimani, who was to be manning watchtower 2, was absent from his work station.

“The duty officer received information that David Nduati Kimani had surrendered his G3 Rifle to the officers manning the main gate and confessed that he had killed someone, and left,” a police report indicates.

The duty officer and two guard commanders went to Nduati’s house and found Joyce Mwende and her one-year-old son Raji Mwende had been shot dead.

“They arrested him while he was about to escape,” reads a police report.

Mwende had just returned from visiting her parents when Kimani confronted her over reasons yet to ascertained.

Detectives recovered six spent cartridges and a G3 rifle S/no. 081551 loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition.

The bodies were removed to Mwingi level 4 hospital Mortuary awaiting autopsy.

The suspect is being held at the Mwingi Central Police Station as investigations continue.

Joyce Mwende was a cook at Talent Resort Hotel in Waita Market, Mwingi Central, where her pilau was a hit with the locals.

“Almost every customer liked her pilau,” said the owner of Talent Resort Hotel, Caxton Mutambuki.

“Mwende was not only a great cook but also warm and hospitable.”

Mutambuki also noted Mwende had converted to Islam not long ago.

Waita area assistant chief, Joseph Mbunge, said the officer and Mwende had cohabited for six months.

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