Nairobians Be Warned: Fraud Syndicate Operating within CBD – DCI

May 12, 2021

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has issued a notice cautioning members of the public against a suspected fraud syndicate operating within Nairobi’s Central Business District.

DCI noted it has received numerous complaints from members of the public who have fallen victim to the well-organized syndicate of fraudsters.

According to the crime-fighting security agency, the fraudsters pose as sales agents of a renown mobile telecommunication company.

They operate from a vehicle behind Kenya Archives along Tom Mboya Street, posing as genuine marketers of unreasonably cheap smartphones, iPads, tablets & other flashy electronic products.

“They also purport to assist clients in upgrading their sim cards to 5G network. Once they have the full attention of an unsuspecting would-be buyer, they access the victim’s mobile money transfer pin & other mobile banking details, after which they transfer money from the victims’ accounts to unknown accounts,” said the DCI.

The directorate further pointed that whereas police have previously arrested the fraudsters, victims rarely show at the police stations or DCI offices to file formal reports, thus weakening court cases against them.

“As such, we appeal to members of the public who may have been hoodwinked by the fraudsters to report at DCI Headquarters’ Serious Crime Unit, to formally report their experiences with the syndicate for necessary Police action to be initiated.”

Members of the public are also encouraged to share intelligence information through DCI hotline 0800 722 203.

“This is a toll-free number where calls are made confidentially, with the caller remaining anonymous in that neither their names nor phone numbers are displayed,” said the DCI.

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