Government Speaks on Man who Obstructed Presidential Motorcade in Kasarani

May 28, 2021

The government has addressed an incident where an overzealous man obstructed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade in Lucky Summer area, Nairobi.

Govt spokesperson Cyrus Oguna allayed fears that the president’s security was under threat.

He explained that the man who jumped in front of the presidential convoy was excited to see President Kenyatta.

“On 26 May 2021, an individual stepped in front of the Presidential motorcade during the president’s tour at Lucky Summer, Nairobi County,” he said.

“The individual is a citizen who was only excited to see the motorcade of His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. We wish to allay any fears that the President’s security was under threat.”

This comes amid reports that action might be taken against top police commanders over the incident that was seen as a security lapse.

“This was a lapse and there might be action,” a senior officer was quoted by the Star.

Nairobi County Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi said police interrogated the man to establish his motive.

The commander said the man insisted he was excited about seeing the president.

“Leaders also need to sensitise their people of dangers of such behaviour. People should avoid such actions which are risky,” Nthumbi said.

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