Burglary Suspect Arrested as Footprints Lead Residents to his House

May 3, 2021

A man from Migori was arrested and arraigned on burglary charges after his footmarks led residents from the scene of crime to his house.

Peter Awuor was accused of stealing from Rose Akinyi’s house when he appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Johnstone Munguti.

According to the charge sheet, Awuor broke into Akinyi’s house in Rabuor, Suna East sub-county on the night of April 15 and stole several items worth Sh35, 000.

The items included an Ox plough, steel doors, iron sheets, two sacks of charcoal, and other household goods.

Court records show that Akinyi woke up to find her property had been stolen and raised an alarm, attracting neighbours.

Together with the locals, Akinyi followed footprints that led to Awuor’s house. A broken padlock that was taken from the scene was also found in a nearby sugarcane plantation.

The accused also faced an alternative charge of handling stolen property.

The prosecution told the court that Awuor was found trying to sell the stolen Ox plough valued at Sh10, 000 at Oyani market on April 16.

Awuor denied the charges and was released on a bond of Sh30,000.

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