NTSA Launches Manhunt for “Subaru Boys” in Viral Racing Video – Watch

April 21, 2021

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in conjunction with National Police Service(NPS) have launched a manhunt for Subaru drivers who were seen racing in a viral video.

The undated video which surfaced online on Monday, April 19 showed a number of cars, mostly Subarus, in a high-speed car chase in Karirana- Limuru.

A second video also emerged believed to be of the same drivers engaged in what seemed like a racing competition at the Pangani Interchange along the Thika Superhighway.

Police believe the videos were captured on Sunday, April 18, with a manhunt now underway.

“We are still on the move. NTSA and NPS are hunting down those involved. This is the follow up of a crackdown.

“We are working closely with police to smoke out the reckless drivers. We hope CCTV cameras mounted at different spots on the Thika Super Highway will help us identify the culprits,” a senior officer at the NTSA said.

The officer also noted that NTSA has received numerous complaints from motorists about a section of Subaru drivers who “bully” and “endanger” the lives of other road users while speeding.

“It’s high time we (regulators) acted. Once identified and arrested, the drivers will have their licences revoked,” said the NTSA rep.

“They will also be charged with reckless driving, which could result in them spending a maximum of two years in jail, or a fine of Sh100,000, or both.”

Below is a video of the infamous “Subaru boys” racing in Limuru.

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