Vera Sidika: Dating Rich Men is Misery

March 9, 2021

Popular woman-about-town Vera Sidika says she’s no longer interested in dating wealthy men for money and material things.

The bootylicious, skin-lightening socialite made the admission in a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram.

One fan wondered why she settled for less by dating Coast-based musician Brown Mauzo who is not exactly known to be wealthy compared to Vera’s former sugar daddies.

She defended her choice saying a good relationship is not measured by how rich a man is.

“I have never settled for less because I have been content and genuinely happy in my relationships,” Vera said.

Adding: “What is settling for less to you? A man that’s not rich? Is a good relationship measured by how rich your man is?”

She went on to narrate her personal experience with dating rich men, describing it as misery.

“I have dated millionaires, billionaires, etc., you name it. So, been there, done that. I know how that world looks like. I would never want to do that to myself. My freedom and happiness come first. Is it life when all your man can offer is material things? And track all your moves, asks you to delete social media, disconnects you from friends, and controls your life?” she posed.

Sidika added: “Emotionally unavailable, only thinks money solves everything, disrespects you because they feel like they own u, are unavailable coz they are too busy for u, ai! That life apana! The only small happiness you get is going shopping, but once you get home, you stare at those items and still be lonely as f***!”

She concluded: “Imagine being in a relationship but feeling so single! In fact, single people enjoy coz they go on dates. This is misery!”

In another interaction with a fan, the businesswoman also revealed she was in a toxic relationship with Tanzanian ex-boyfriend Jimmy Chansa.

“Saddest thing about this relationship is that people thought he was the most innocent, decent person I have ever dated. I did until the real person unveiled. The things I went through and saw I have never been so shocked in my life. Out of all my relationships it was the most shocking one to me. Better the devil you know than the Angel you don’t know,” said Vera Sidika.

“When same mistakes are repeated severally then it means it is a habit that will never change. It’s because of growth and maturity otherwise if I was to post the things I saw and went through y’all would have hated yourselves for thinking it was the best relationship. I had to end it faster. Woi! I’m so glad I ended it,” she said.

Vera also made a startling confession about her sex life after a fan asked: “The weird place you have ever had sex?”

Vera responded: “Well maybe not weird, in a hospital.”

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