Spotify is Now Live in Kenya.. These are the Prices

February 24, 2021

A day after announcing their intended launch in over 80+ countries, Spotify is now live.

In their Monday announcement, the music streaming giant did not mention the exact date of launch, only saying it will be rolled out over the coming days.

That came faster than anticipated, and by Tuesday evening, the platform was available.

Previously, Kenyans have had to use VPNs to access the service, but now the app is available on all platforms, including Google’s Android and Android TV; and iOS too.

There were initial concerns on pricing, being that Spotify charges $9.99 for a US subscription. For the new markets they are entering, that sounded a bit too high and they would have missed out on a lot of potential customers.

However, it appears they did their market research well and have come in with quite the deal.

There are 4 premium plans and a free plan.

While the free plan gives you the same music catalog, it comes with some limitations. For example you cannot download music, it limits the number of skips, and of course it comes with ad interruptions.

The 4 premium plans are:

1. Individual – Ksh299
Listen to music ad-free
Play in offline mode.

2. Duo – Ksh389
2 premium accounts.

3. Family – Ksh479
6 premium accounts.

4. Student – Ksh149
Student discount. Spotify will use a third party to validate eligible applications.

Spotify Kenya prices

These prices are lower than both Apple Music and Deezer.

The best part is that you do not need PayPal or a debit card. You can also make your payment using Mpesa.

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