KidKora on Outgrowing The Kansoul, “The Music Was Degrading to Women”

February 26, 2021

Musician and record producer KidKora confirmed he is no longer part of the Kansoul music group saying he needed a new direction for his music.

In what looks like a bitter split, KidKora accused Kansoul members, Madtraxx and Mejja, of swindling him out of unknown amounts of money in royalties from the group’s projects.

“I am the one with the name of a thug, but you all are the real Wakoras,” he wrote on social media.

In another post, Kora wrote: “I had to lose everything I thought I wanted To gain the one thing that I really needed. Fucking around with the wrong bitch. Took me six years to figure out How to kill a witch. two niggas who still owe me money. Still Calling my phone and acting buddy buddy. Sija sahao how you motherfuckers did me dirty. Pesa za show zilifa kuwa 50 50.”

Kora also revealed he left the group for his own peace of mind.

“Funny how I left this group and everything toxic in my life. Then things changed for me. Started putting on some weight. Confidence is through the roof. Hair growing, skin glowing,” he said, adding: “Left all the negatives in 2019 only to wake up this morning to find people I called family took advantage of my kindness. But I am not the same kid from 2019, man’s been through the fire.”

“I speak up now. I walk with a skip in my step and stand tall. Don’t let the RnB sh*t fool you. John Snow is back from the dead. A bad queen on my side. Ready to take on all these f***ing blue-eyed vultures. Pay me.”

The musician also mentioned he outgrew the music they were making as Kansoul.

“I pleaded for a new direction. Something with a little more substance that doesn’t degrade the women we call mother, sister and daughters. Music that best fitted our age and reality at that moment,” he said.

“Thirty-four years old with kids and a wife, talking about how many girls you can beba. Talking about clubs but you sleepy AF by 11 pm. Back is in pain. Trying to play a young man’s game. Just wasn’t me anymore. And that’s the only reason I left. For a new direction for my music. For my health, mental and physical, and for my peace.”

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