Inua Jamii Cash: 1.1 Million Kenyans To Receive Sh8K Each

February 19, 2021

The government has disbursed Ksh8,728,056,000 to be distributed to 1.1 million beneficiaries enrolled in the cash transfer programmes.

The Inua Jamii cash, channelled through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, seeks to uplift vulnerable Kenyan citizens through regular and reliable monthly cash transfers.

The cash aid will be paid out to 1,090,587 Kenyans starting Monday, February 22, 2020.

The payments are for the September-October and November-December payment cycles.

A total of 762,947 beneficiaries enlisted under the Older Persons Cash Transfer Programme will receive Ksh.6.1 billion.

To be eligible for Older Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT), an individual should be 70 years and above, not receiving a pension, not enrolled in any other cash transfer program, and residing in a particular location for more than a year.

Another 293,688 beneficiaries enrolled in the Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme will receive Ksh.2.3 billion.

Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) is made to an extremely poor household with one or more OVCs as a permanent member, a household with a caregiver who is chronically ill and/or unable to perform his/her duties or a household not benefiting from any social assistance programme.

33,952 beneficiaries of the Persons with Severe Disability Cash Programme will receive Kshs.271.6 million.

Eligibility for Persons with Severe Disabilities Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT) involves a person with severe disability (PWSD), who is a Kenyan citizen, not enrolled in any other cash transfer program and residing in a particular location for more than a year.

“The payment commences on Monday, February 22 through the four contracted banks(Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank, Cooperative Bank and Post Bank). The beneficiaries will receive Ksh 8,000 each,” said Nelson Marwa, the Social Protection Permanent Secretary.

Beneficiaries or caregivers can access the payment at any time over the next six (6) months.

To apply for the Inua Jamii funds visit your local District Social Development Officer in your District Office.

You will be required to provide your National Identification Card and fill an application form that is not available online.

After submission of your application and all the required documents, and lapse of vetting period (usually three months), you or the person you have listed as a beneficiary will receive your first payment of Ksh 2,000 per month through your Payment Service Providers (PSP) who handle the cash transfer.

Payment is usually made after two months which totals to Ksh. 4000.

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