Huddah Rubbishes Alleged Beef With Tanasha Donna Over Follower Count

February 26, 2021

Huddah Monroe has come out to put a stop to rumours of an online catfight with singer Tanasha Donna.

The popular Instagram personality had been accused of throwing shade at Ms Donna over her new follower count. The ‘Radio’ hitmaker had put up a post celebrating having 3 million followers on Instagram before Huddah appeared to rain on her parade.

In her post, the socialite rubbished the obsession most people have regarding the number of followers.

“Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has the most likes. Lol! But what’s your Bank Balance Darling! In this side of town, we evolved. Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time especially in Africa because most people just follow for gossip or lurking. Otherwise, we would have a small business going to the moon outchea,” Huddah opined.

Some saw this as an indirect attack on Ms Donna before Huddah came out to dismiss the allegations.

“Stop creating beef where there is none. There is no single woman in Kenya or the whole of Africa who is my competition that I can hate or envy. I only envy extremely successful women; not even envy, I admire. There is no woman my age or younger in Africa who would intimidate me enough to hate on her. Get your facts right,” Huddah wrote on Instastories.

The beautypreneur added that her statement was not directed at anyone specific.

“Stop putting women against each other for your entertainment. I have been talking about followers for months. Comparing the whole world.

“Y’all who follow me know I have said this a million times. Another woman success (Not number of followers). Is my motivation. It shows that me too I can get there. Be happy for others achievements in life, (again not numbers of follower’s coz that doesn’t pay bills) and you will soon be there.” 

Huddah also reiterated: “Funny part is people equate followers to success LMFAO! LOL! I can’t afford to hate on people coz of followers, surely it’s not money, Car, or House. My 2 million followers don’t mean it’s $2M. And what is a celebrity with no money? Just a most followed person.”

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