‘I Quit Kiss 100 Thinking I Would Make It’: Andrew Kibe Laments Homelessness, Losing Car

January 7, 2021

Controversial radio and social media personality Andrew Kibe learned the hard way that quitting a job to pursue a passion project is not always a bed of roses.

The outspoken presenter quit Kiss 100 FM in June 2020 and set out to start his own digital radio station, Rogue Radio. Andrew Kibe says he quit the Radio Africa owned station thinking getting back on his feet would be a walk in the park. Woe unto him.

Despite having plans to start his station, Andrew Kibe says it was not easy and things didn’t go to plan.

“Remember in the middle of 2020, I left my job. I thought I would make it like this (snaps finger). Immediately I left I knew the next day I would start making it…Don’t lie to yourself. That journey is long and hard as a [expletive]You have to go and beg while pitching to people who don’t want to listen to you…I lost my car, I lost my house where I was living. I was homeless for a minute,” Kibe narrated in a video.

He noted that it was not all doom and gloom as the year 2020 also rewarded him. “2020 f**ked me so badly and rewarded me at the same time.”

Kibe says he took some time out for what he termed as man rebuilding and he was able to launch his biggest project ever.

“I was going through man rebuilding… you take time off to build yourself and find yourself again, that when you come out you are strong… sometimes it’s important to take time off to sort yourself.

“About a month ago we launched Rogue Radio one of my biggest and proudest projects ever..the internet is the new way of doing things,” he said, adding: “I m not saying things are good but at least with Rogue Radio am going somewhere.”


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