Grade 4 Girl Tries To Poison Dad Over Love Affair With Form Four Boy

January 19, 2021

Police in Kisii on Monday, January 18 arrested a Grade 4 pupil following a failed attempt to poison her father.

A local administrator confirmed the incident saying the 14-year-old girl poisoned her father’s porridge after he questioned her over a relationship with a Form 4 student. l

The girl’s alleged boyfriend is aged 19 and is a student at Kegati Secondary School.

Kisii Police Commander Jebel Munene said the Kegati Primary School pupil poisoned the porridge at their home in Kegati location Nyaribari Chache.

Police said the minor admitted to spiking the porridge to her father who questioned her after he realized the beverage had an unusually foul smell.

Commander Munene said the girl was booked at a local police station ahead of her arraignment in court. He said the girl will be charged with attempted murder.

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