Wealthy MP After COVID-19 Scare, “I Learnt That Being Rich Is Not Materialistic”

December 2, 2020

A wealthy Kenyan parliamentarian has opened up about his experience with coronavirus saying he is alive because of the grace of God and the skill and dedication of medical practitioners.

Kesses MP Dr Swarrup Mishra, who is the proprietor of the Mediheal Group of Hospitals, said his coronavirus infection and recovery was a turning points in his life. He said that during his suffering he learnt that all human beings are equal, regardless of wealth or status.

“I am a true testament because a few weeks ago I was almost somewhere terrible but God saved my life. I am a sinner but God loves me,” he said.

Speaking at the Catholic Church in Eldoret on Sunday, the lawmaker said he survived without a ventilator through God’s grace as health workers struggled to help him.

“At one time my respiration was 46 times per minute beyond the normal rate of 18 to 20. At the rate of 36, one needs intubation but God saved me without it. God is the best doctor and we always need to thank him,” Mishra said.

The MP had to be flown to Nairobi after his conditioned worsened while he was in Eldoret.

“We need to thank God always when we wake up and when we go to sleep,” he reiterated.

On lessons learned during the coronavirus ordeal, Mishra said he realised that material wealth doesn’t matter.

“No should be looked down upon because of their poor or humble background. I learnt that being rich is not materialistic. We are all rich because of God. Being rich is just having happiness, truth, love and peace. Let’s not have differences among us because we are all the same before God,” he said.

Dr Swarrup thanked Kenyans for praying for him and described Kenya as a great country that God loves very much. He said Kenyans need to live in peace and love one another.

“Whenever you have anger, just turn to the one relative we all have and that is God,” the MP said.

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